• Is there any fees incurred when register a Winbox account?

    No, there is no fee charge to register a Winbox account.

  • How to play Winbox slot and live games?

    To play Winbox slot and live games, you need to download our free android app.

  • How to Top-Up my Winbox account credit?

    There are several ways to top-up your account credit. Please contact our professional customer service team to assist you on it.

  • I would like to withdraw my fund from Winbox account, may I know how do I proceed?

    Great! Our customer service team is happy to help our winning clients to withdraw their funds. Please contact our team member for further assist.

  • Can I become a Winbox business agent?

    Yes, we are always welcome our customers or any one who is looking for extra income, our business development unit is happy to assist.

  • I have problem to play Winbox games, what should I do?

    Please contact our customer service team, we are always ready to assist.

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